ER's Lithium Battery Task for and Services



Introducing Our Lithium Battery Task Force

Environmental Restoration, LLC (ER) is proud to announce the successful implementation of our Lithium Battery Task Force!Lithium Batteries pose an increasing threat to first responders. The chemistry of the batteries allows them to store significant potential energy and, when damaged or exposed to heat or shock, can create fire and explosion hazards. Additionally, because the batteries become unstable and overheat, they can (if improperly handled, packaged, or shipped) create very significant fires and explosions. Because of the dangers associated with shipping lithium batteries, they are very highly regulated by the US DOT. It is absolutely imperative that batteries are packaged, shipped, and disposed of properly.

Battery Task Force Milestones:

First and foremost, ER’s priority is to protect our workforce. The Health & Safety team has created a Worker Awareness Program that educates each and every responder to the dangers of Lithium Batteries, how to recognize Lithium Batteries, and who to call when they are encountered.

Second, ER has established a training program to provide our teams with the knowledge neccesary to handle lithium batteries safely per 49 CFR § 172.704 requirements.
Third, thorough research was conducted to identify proper handling, packaging and shipping procedures for lithium batteries.

Fourth, the Task Force identified key individuals who are able to support field activities as required during a response.

Fifth, the Task Force has created a Lithium Battery Response Competency Training Course that will be required of all ER Response Managers.
ER will continue to implement the highest standard of measures pertaining to Lithium Battery response.