Standard of Safety

ER has developed a comprehensive Corporate Health and Safety Program (CHASP) defining the minimum health and safety standards required for ER projects. Hazard recognition and the establishment of effective control measures are integral components of this program. All ER field personnel and subcontractors are required to adhere to the ER CHASP while performing field activities. Each worker is held accountable for personal performance and conformance with the Plan. Our goal of working safely has an expected result of “zero incidents” on each project.


An unwavering emphasis on safety is reflected in our EMR, which consistently falls below the industry standard. Our current EMR is 0.91 and is a credit to our employees’ dedication to safety.

Significant aspects of creating and maintaining an effective safety culture is establishing strong safety principles, employing the right people and providing them complete and effective training.

Site-Specific Health & Safety Plans

Every ER project operates under a site-specific Health and Safety Plan (HASP). Each HASP is developed jointly by our Project Management and H&S staff. These personnel participate in site walks to review and evaluate the Scope of Work and strive for a complete understanding of the hazards present on the site. Project Managers are held accountable for implementing the HASP. Prior to initiating any field activities, ER designates a site Health and Safety Officer to assist in implementation and enforcement of the HASP. 

Safety Principles

• No job is so important that it be done in an unsafe manner
• Never take short-cuts; time is never a factor
• Safely go above and beyond client expectations
• Plan the work and work the plan
• Always make sure you use the right tool for the job
• Safety and health regulations are in place for a purpose; always be in compliance
• Never ignore an unsafe act or condition and wait for someone else to fix it; report it immediately and ensure it is corrected
• Never bypass a safety device or guard
• When in doubt, always stop and ask

Qualified Contractor

ER maintains membership with Avetta, ISN, Browz, Veriforce, and PEC that collect, review and verify our H&S Data, connecting us with companies seeking safe and reliable contractors/suppliers. Our H&S Partners:

The PROS Inititative

ER has many programs and policies in place to teach and remind our employees about the importance of a safe workplace. Everyone involved, from our corporate management, to project management, to our field staff, is responsible in playing an integral role supporting a strong safety culture.

A review of historical incidents revealed a relatively simple solution to prevent incident occurrence. STOP AND THINK BEFORE YOU DO! Focusing our professionalism, we launched the PROS initiative: PAUSE, REVIEW, OBSERVE, START.

There is extensive preparation and planning that goes into our work. PROS is a focus on the minute by minute activities we perform throughout our day, whether it be on the jobsite or at home.

Clients choose contractors and business partners who can deliver solutions for the best value and with minimum risk. There are critical markets that are only open to companies that can demonstrate strength and commitment in health and safety. Health and Safety is an essential component of our planning and execution of every project.

Successful implementation of the PROS initiative helps ensure that our employees are free from injury, our property is protected, and our health and safety record will never prevent us from pursuing the type of work we strive to perform.

Safe Compliant Production

Safe Compliant Production (SCP) stands as the cornerstone of our company’s commitment to keeping the competing priorities of our projects success in check. This approach places an firm emphasis on ensuring that every project is planned and executed in a manner that puts worker safety and regulatory/policy compliance ahead of production. SCP is designed to cultivate a workplace culture where getting the job done safely and in compliance is a guiding principle. SCP aims to achieve the ultimate goal of completing our projects without injury and in compliance with all applicable regulations and policies. By integrating SCP into every decision we make, we are able to provide the quality service our clients expect.