ER would like to share the following on behalf of former employee Kenny Morice:

Forward by Dennis Greaney, President & General Manager of ER:

“Two weeks ago, I respectfully requested coworkers and friend of Kenny Morice to reach out to him.
Kenny, an ER equipment operator for 25+ years at ER, has been diagnosed with terminal esophageal cancer. He is now under hospice care at his home.
Based on Kenny’s response that has happened, with Kenny receiving phone calls, e-mails and personal visits from many of you including coworkers from many years past. My brother Matt, who speaks routinely with Kenny, has relayed that Kenny called him expressing his appreciation for all of those who have reached out.
With that, I will turn it over to Kenny who asked that I share his email with everyone:

‘Dear Dennis,
Thank you so much for your help with distributing this email.
I wanted to thank all my co-workers, friends, and colleagues for the outpouring of prays, kindness, personal visits and calls you’ve extended to me in this closing chapter of my life.
It gives me comfort to know that there were remarkably caring, thoughtful, and compassionate people around me everyday.
Thank you all,
Kenny Morice’

As you can read it’s a simple thanks to everyone coming from a man who obviously truly appreciates his friends.”