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Emergency Response Environmental Remediation/Construction Industrial Services

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Environmental Remediation/Construction

ER routinely provides:

Structural and Facility Decontamination/Demolition
Contaminated Soil Excavation, Removal, and Treatment (In situ/Ex situ)
Groundwater and Vandose Zone Remediation
Multiple Waste Stream Characterization, Containerization, Disposal
Residential Property Remediation
Mine Site Remediation
Environmental Dredging and Wetland Restoration
Landfill Services
Civil Construction

ER Advantage: Self-Performance Reduces Costs

Operating from regional offices across the country, our Project Managers and field operations staff self-perform project tasks. ER’s self-performance capability significantly reduces project costs for clients and allows our Project Managers direct control over project quality, continuity of personnel, equipment and final outcome.

Integrated Services
From project design to project closeout, ER has the expertise to design, engineer, manage and execute all types of environmental remediation projects.

History of Success:
Over the years, ER crews have handled millions of tons of contaminated soil and hazardous waste. A review of our completed projects demonstrated our ability to execute a full range of remediation assignments. This level of industry experience, coupled with our skilled personnel, equipment and technology resources, has fueled our corporate growth, making ER one of the nation’s leading environmental services providers.

ER offers our clients a combination of expertise and experience allowing for cost effective design and construction:
Constructability Review of Design Documents
Construction/Operation/ Maintenance for Soil, Groundwater and Mine Leachate Treatment Systems*
Engineered Cap and Liner Construction including GCL, HDPE, and other synthetics
HDPE Pipe Fusion and Installation
Repository, and Bio-Cell Construction
Design and Construction of Water Treatment Systems
Fixed Price and Cost Reimbursable
Project Management

*Our project experience includes constructing and operating systems for the treatment of hydrocarbon and chlorinated solvents in groundwater, and mine waste discharge, as well as soil treatment systems for heavy metal and organic contamination.